The World of Chips

Professors from the Universidad de Sevilla and researchers from the Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla launch the exhibition-educational project 'El Mundo de los Chips: Ciencia e Ingenio a la Nanoescala', within the framework of the V Plan Propio de Investigación of the Universidad de Sevilla.

This activity aims to promote the interest of society in science and technology by reaching out to the general public, especially the younger ones, the relationships between micro/nanoelectronic technologies with the world of robotics and everyday devices, familiarization with basic concepts of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as understanding scientific/technological terms related to the world of chips in a fun and entertaining way, in an effort to foster curiosity about science especially among visitors younger.

The exhibition will be divided into different sections through which visitors can learn a multitude of concepts related to technology in general and micro/nanoelectronics in particular, making use of robots as elements and centers of interest. In this way, the parts of the exhibition will first show the history and origin of robots, the different types that exist and those that are planned to be built in the coming years. Special emphasis is placed on the main constituent components of robotics and the relationship between the development of robots and the evolution of micro/nanotechnologies.

The exhibition also includes a traveling exhibition called PequeRobots for those educational centers that request it, directed from elementary, high school and high school students to university students, including undergraduate and master students, adjusting the level of the explanations to the degree of knowledge of the students participants. The exhibition shows what a robot is, its main components and its history. Young scientists carry out different experiences and simple assemblies that help to better understand how robots work and the science behind them.

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The project in the media

Interview. Prof. José Manuel de la Rosa
Source: Canal Sur Radio
Language: Spanish