Visiting IMSE

A visit to the IMSE offers students, teachers, and the public in general an opportunity to obtain first-hand knowledge about the world of research and development in modern microelectronics. Visiting our facilities will be of interest to anyone fascinated by science and technology, and also to those who would like to know exactly what kind of research is carried out in Andalusia and how it is done.

The visit is particularly recommended for high school students and students on professional training courses specializing in science and technology (electronics, IT, etc.). The visit lasts about 3 hours and consists of an initial talk of approximately 1 hour, followed by a visit to our laboratories. During the visit, various issues are explained about the different lines of research currently being developed at our center (biomedical projects, electronics for space missions, vision chips, cryptography, neural networks,...). Various ongoing experiments are also shown, together with the specific instruments and facilities to carry them out (anechoic chamber, microscopes, lasers, etc.).

To visit the IMSE, please contact us <  > or call us on +34 954 466 666.

Due to the capacity of some of our laboratories, visits are limited to a maximum of 50 people.