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A microchip that increases cybersecurity.
Source: Canal Sur / 2023
Language: Spanish

The EU and Science – Seville.
Source: European Commission in Spain / 2023
Language: Spanish

Identification from the mobile with the veins of the wrist.
Source: Fundación Descubre / 2022
Language: Spanish

Press Highlights

Oscillatory neural networks: the tuning of Artificial Intelligence

FEBRUARY 1, 2024

Oscillatory neural networks represent an exciting step forward in our journey toward understanding and emulating the complexity of the human brain, and their impact promises to be profound and lasting.

The electronic eye that imitates human vision

NOVEMBER 20, 2023

The event camera discriminates relevant information at high speed and reduces consumption by bypassing unnecessary data for efficient processing.

Start of the QUBIP project.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2023

The kick-off meeting of the QUBIP project was held last September 12-13, 2023 in Torino (Italy). QUBIP is an EU-funded project (Horizon Europe programme - "Increased cybersecurity" cluster 3) that is coordinated by LINKS Foundation. In QUBIP, the IMSE participates leading the transition towards Post-Quantum Cryptography in the IoT pilot under the coordination of Dr. Piedad Brox.

High-speed neuromorphic computing, an increasingly closer reality.

DECEMBER 15, 2022

In neuromorphic computing, the computer mimics the way the brain processes and stores information, achieving much greater energy efficiency and speed than conventional computing.


Interview with Bernabé Linares on the radio program "El Observatorio" broadcast on 11/22/2023. Bernabé Linares
Source: Canal Sur Radio / 2023
Language: Spanish

Interview with José Miguel Mora on the radio program "A golpe de bit". José Miguel Mora
Source: RNE / 2023
Language: Spanish

Interview with Pau Ortega on the radio program "A golpe de bit". Pau Ortega
Source: RNE / 2023
Language: Spanish

Interview with researcher Piedad Brox on the radio program "A golpe de bit" broadcast on 10/16/2023. Piedad Brox
Source: RNE / 2023
Language: Spanish