Hardware Cybersecurity Lab

The Hardware Cybersecurity Laboratory has the required equipment to evaluate the immunity against different types of collateral channel attacks, which are based on the information obtained from the physical implementation of the cryptosystems (power consumption, algorithm's execution time, response to induced failures, electromagnetic emission, etc.).

Chief Lab Technician

Antonio Ragel Morales >


  • Device Current Waveform Analyzer Keysight CX3324A
  • Logic Analyzers
  • Function Generators
  • Pulse Generators
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator Keysight M9336A
  • Power Meter
  • Motorized XY microscope stage Zaber ASR100B120B-T3A
  • Ultra Wide Band Low Noise Amplifier Lambda RLNA00G20GA
  • Data Acquisition System Keysight DAQ970A
  • Power Supply Keysight E36312A

To access the equipment of this laboratory contact the Laboratories and Infrastructures Technical Unit of IMSE >

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