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Direction: Teresa Serrano Gotarredona >
Vice-Direction: Diego Vázquez García de la Vega >
Technical Vice-Direction: Joaquín Ceballos Cáceres >
Management: José Francisco Barreña Moreno >

Laboratories & Workshops

Head of Unit: Joaquín Ceballos Cáceres >
Device Characterization Lab: Antonio Ragel Morales >
Optoelectronics Lab: Antonio Ragel Morales >
Radiofrequency Lab: Antonio Ragel Morales >
A/D Measurement Lab: Antonio Ragel Morales >
Pulsed Laser Lab: Antonio Ragel Morales >
ATE Agilent 93000: José Miguel Mora Gutiérrez >
Special Assembly Workshop: Miguel Ángel Lagos Florido >
Packaging Workshop: Antonio Maestre Prieto >
Complex Systems Workshop: Antonio Ragel Morales >
PCB Assembly Workshop: Antonio Maestre Prieto >

Visiting IMSE

Visits: >

Staff Members at IMSE

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