CMOS Digital Intelligent and Suistainable Integrated Circuits

This research topic has as main aim the efficient implementation of digital integrated circuits on ASICs at several abstraction levels: at a transistor level, designing basic digital cells with a full-custom methodology; at a gate level, finding optimum solutions for combinational and sequential circuits; at a circuit level, developing architectures and timing strategies. Transversal optimization mechanisms are employed in all these implementations, such as for instance, switching activity analysis, minimization of power consumption, low switching-noise generation, design of cells with data-independent power consumption, design for high-speed applications, etc.

Work in this topic faces:

  • Design of digital ASICS in nanometer technologies.
  • Design of digital cells optimized for several parameters (i.e., dynamic power consumption, leakage, speed, area, noise, ...).
  • Timing problems in digital circuits.
  • Combined techniques for power and noise reduction in digital circuits.

Main results achieved include:

  • Design, fabrication and test of digital ASICs following full-custom and semi-custom methodologies, in different technologies, including nanometric ones, for applications in control, security, communication, computational intelligence, etc.
  • Development of an automatic and systematic methodology for testing ASICs in the laboratory.
  • Design of robust cells and circuits against timing failures, with very low power consumption, low switching-noise generation, and data-independent power consumption.
  • Development of different combined noise-power (dynamic and leakage) reduction techniques.
Test board and ASIC incorporating a double-memory programmable and configurable PWAG controller
Layout of a 4-input 2-output PWA controller designed in a 90nm technology


Antonio J. Acosta Jiménez >

Palabras clave

  • High-Performance Digital Design
  • ASICs
  • Timing Problems
  • Low-power and Low-Noise Techniques
  • Design of Digital Cells

Resultados destacados

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Transferencia de tecnología

A.J. Acosta, I. Baturone, J. Castro-Ramírez, C.J. Jiménez, P. Brox and M.C. Martínez-Rodríguez. Method for generating piecewise-affine multivariable functions with on-line computation of the search tree and device for implementing same. 2012  »  pdf

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