High-Speed High-Resolution ADCs & DACs for Space Applications

This line of research addresses the design of analog and mixed-signal circuits and systems for critical aerospace applications, with emphasis on embedded aerospace applications (satellites, rovers) in CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) technology. These circuits are characterized by being in an environment with high doses of radiation (TID, SE) and need for an autonomous operation without maintenance.

In order to increase the performance and increase the lifespan of these systems, it is necessary to develop and implement Radiation-Hard (Rad-Hard) techniques. In addition and, especially in an application context with little or no possibility of human intervention, these systems should include additional circuitry that capable of automatically measuring and correcting (self-calibration) errors by itself during the entire life of the Instrument (due to the cumulative effect of radiation and aging, as well as change of PVT operating conditions: process, voltage and temperature).

The advantages of research and development of self-calibration techniques are of great importance in critical applications operating under extreme conditions, since the performance of the circuits subjected to stress tend to degrade over time, requiring periodic re-calibrations to preserve the specified operating level.

Another aspect to emphasize is the reliability and re-use of this type of circuits, once developed and qualified, for future missions, which entails a great savings in terms of effort and associated costs.

Photograph of ASIC CMOS 0.35µm Front-End for solar irradiation sensors on the surface of Mars. The circuit has been designed with the rad-hard library (hardened against radiations) developed at the Microelectronics Institute of Seville (IMSE-CSIC-US).
Test assembly for evaluation of electrical behavior at extreme temperatures. Front microphotograph of the CMOS prototype of the 16bitADC converter.


Gildas Léger >

Antonio J. Ginés Arteaga >

Palabras clave

  • Auto-Calibration
  • Hardness for Radiation Applications
  • Embedded Critical Aerospace Applications (Satellites, Rovers, etc.)
  • Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Solar Irradiance Sensors
  • Mixed Signal ASICs-CMOS for Space

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