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High Speed Digital Measurement Insights

The continued increase in consumers using more data drives a wider adoption of high speed digital signals in electronic products, which increases the complexity of your design, including how to test and debug your product. Making the right decisions early in the process will enable you to avoid prototype re-spins and bring your product to market before the competition.

Keysight's High Speed Digital Insights Hotspots Seminar addresses the challenges facing designers and developers at component, circuit and system levels.

Full Day Agenda:

09:00 Welcome and Opening.
09:20 High Speed Digital Fundamentals.
11:00 Café.
11:30 Advanced Jitter Measurements.
12:30 Crosstalk Analyses.
13:30 Finish.

Places are limited.

Registration is free at:
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Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla IMSE-CNM
November 29, 2018